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Sunset Canyons

I guess this time around I was in the mood for something a little surreal.  I’ve always been fascinated by the way the position of the sun changes the colors of our environment.  I remember (vaguely, for it’s been awhile) learning about this in high school physics class….something about the way the light is refracted as it passes through our atmosphere….  Regardless, I wanted to represent that in this painting, and couple it with the emotion that certain colors evoke.  I hope you enjoy.


Thunderheads over Boulder

Oh my love affair with Colorado…  Boulder, specifically.  I lived the most free and eye-opening part of my life in Boulder while I attended the University of Colorado.  I miss it terribly sometimes, but at this point in my life, for a number of reasons I think that vacations there will have to suffice.  This painting is an homage to the beautiful Flatirons that I was fortunate to wake up to every morning for five years.

A Walk in the Park – Acrylic on Canvas

I have to laugh at myself as I write this post.  Just the other day I was contemplating in which direction I should take this painting – follow my original plan or let the painting evolve into what it wanted to be.  And, true to character, I compromised.  I let it be what it wanted to be but infused some of my original ideas.  I just love the spring here in Georgia and while I reside in Atlanta, I have a passion for the beauty and sense of mystery that I associate with coastal Georgia.

The Stand Off Acrylic on Canvas

I have always been strongly influenced by the concept of fluidity in my art and in my life.  Drawing from my studies in Eastern philosophy, I believe that there is a constant flow of life energy.  Tapping into this level of consciousness is such an integral part of the creative process for me.  It’s as if all of my creative ideas – be they fodder for my fiction books, images for my paintings, or concepts for my jewelry – exist in this realm of consciousness, just waiting there for me to tune in and pluck them out of the cosmos and give them life.

Spring Blooms

Acrylic on canvas

10″ x 20″

This painting was inspired by the abundance of flowering trees in Atlanta in the springtime, specifically of a photograph of a Dogwood tree in my side yard.  The delicate arc of each petal captured my attention and inspired me to create this painting.

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Red Dawn

Acrylic on canvas

16″ x 20″

This painting was inspired by a sunrise that I witnessed flying out of Dusseldorf airport in Germany when I was 16 years old (what a long, long time ago…).  The color spectrum was so intense that it remained etched in my memory.  Now I’ve been able to unleash it onto the canvas for everyone to enjoy.

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Hope Floats

Acrylic on canvas

11″ x 13″

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