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An Offering – Calla Lily Semi-Abstract

With summer in full swing, I find myself having less and less time to write.  I’ve managed to sneak time here and there between the torrent of requests, “I’m hungries”, “So and so took my such and such”, and all of the other rants from my kids.  Even the little one is starting now – she finally figured out that she can get around and investigate the world around her.  It’s pretty comical actually – she pulls herself along with her fingers (on all fours) and pushes with her tiptoes simultaneously.  I’ve tried to show her that she can get up on her knees and go twice as fast, with half as much effort, but she wants nothing of it.  Typical…   I will admit that I’m ready for my oldest to head back to school.  She’ll be starting kindergarten in August and she seems to be the most needy of all three kids…

So back to the point of this post – my latest painting.  I think I’m on to something with the muted, contrasting washed backgrounds and the strong flowers in the foreground.  I enjoy doing them and have been pleased with how they turn out.  I sold the Fire Poppy painting  just last week so I decided to work on this Calla Lily in a similar fashion.    Nothing like being able to pay a bill or two!  ;o)  Hope everyone out there is having a fabulous summer!

Oh, and as an aside, I’m considering doing some of these originals as prints.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do so?  Types of paper, printing process, etc….  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


Where the Magic Happens…

So I’ve decided to share my most recent work in progress, because I’m really enjoying how it’s turning out.   I still have some work to do on this Calla Lily (stamen, etc) but sometimes I think it’s fun just to show you what I’m up to.  I appear to be on a flower kick right now and am enjoying using washed backgrounds and bold clear floral elements in the foreground.  This particular lily appears to be making an offering of some sort…perhaps an offering of it’s undeniably perfect form….  I received a lot of positive responses on my Fire Poppy painting and have decided to take a stab at some different species to see how they turn out.

This one has several layers of various washes, mixed up with a bit of alcohol here and there to spice things up and create some depth to the background (my new favorite!).

On another note, I just booked tickets to take the family to Connecticut at the end of July.  I’m wonderfully excited about this ~ my kids haven’t been to CT in the summer yet, and I can’t wait for them to experience the beaches and summer fun that I knew growing up.  I’m sure it will spark all sorts of creative inspiration (and a plethora of hilarious anecdotes which I will then share with you!!).  In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging along, eyes open, looking for the next source of inspiration for my work.  Cheers!

Nude in a Dream

First of all, I just have to tell you how excited I am about this particular painting.  It was one of those that just flowed out of me with very little fuss.  As soon as I had set the background up, with a wash of acrylic and water, I immediately knew how my nude would need to be incorporated.  I had decided several weeks ago that I wanted to take a stab at painting a nude (out of my head…no model for this one).  I have always thought that the female form is one of beauty – our natural curves have such an amazing flow – and I have many sketches that I have done of nudes so I felt it necessary to get one on canvas.  In any case, this one just worked out so nicely… I hope you enjoy!

Contemplating Stillness – the finished work

And here we have the finished product!  I put the final touches on this painting this evening.  My mother has been in town for the past week and for some reason I find her presence too distracting to create, which is the cause for the delay in posting this.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Whenever I look at the woman standing amidst the waves, I wonder what she’s thinking about.  I hope you enjoy it too!

The Stand Off Acrylic on Canvas

I have always been strongly influenced by the concept of fluidity in my art and in my life.  Drawing from my studies in Eastern philosophy, I believe that there is a constant flow of life energy.  Tapping into this level of consciousness is such an integral part of the creative process for me.  It’s as if all of my creative ideas – be they fodder for my fiction books, images for my paintings, or concepts for my jewelry – exist in this realm of consciousness, just waiting there for me to tune in and pluck them out of the cosmos and give them life.


Acrylic on canvas

11″ x 13″

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Pressure Drop

Acrylic on canvas

8″ x 10″

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