Abstract Still Life – Weeping Bouquet

Weeping Bouquet

I have certainly found a fondness for diluting my acrylics to enhance their fluidity.  Something about the ease of motion that is created by doing this just makes me content.    This abstract still life wasn’t based upon a bouquet sitting in front of me, but instead, some bouquet that I had stored somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  I was inspired to do something a little less ‘revealing’ this time around, because my five year old daughter has been running around the house calling my last painting (a nude), “Lady Heinie.”  Never a dull moment….


Nude in a Dream

First of all, I just have to tell you how excited I am about this particular painting.  It was one of those that just flowed out of me with very little fuss.  As soon as I had set the background up, with a wash of acrylic and water, I immediately knew how my nude would need to be incorporated.  I had decided several weeks ago that I wanted to take a stab at painting a nude (out of my head…no model for this one).  I have always thought that the female form is one of beauty – our natural curves have such an amazing flow – and I have many sketches that I have done of nudes so I felt it necessary to get one on canvas.  In any case, this one just worked out so nicely… I hope you enjoy!

Contemplating Stillness – the finished work

And here we have the finished product!  I put the final touches on this painting this evening.  My mother has been in town for the past week and for some reason I find her presence too distracting to create, which is the cause for the delay in posting this.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Whenever I look at the woman standing amidst the waves, I wonder what she’s thinking about.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Drawing Inspiration from Unexpected Places

So the other day I had set up my easel outside on my back deck in the scorching Georgia sunshine (which I think I’m actually getting used to) and had begun working on a small canvas that I had previously painted with a tangerine backdrop.  The tone was simply not doing it for me so I set out to change it to a new color scheme, to see what would happen.  One of my three munchkins pulled me away from it while the paint was still wet, and, upon my return, I found a few little finger marks left from where one of the other little buggers had decided to make some art of their own.  I knew it was my almost 3 year old son.

He’s  a stinker about stuff like that…  So I huffed a bit and let it sit over the weekend.  When I came back to it yesterday, I realized that his little finger mark had brought a whole new life to it and I could immediately envision where I wanted to take it.  This ties back into my previous post about letting things sit for awhile to see what they decide to become.  But I think it’s also important to look for inspiration in unexpected places, or perhaps, to remain open and present as much as possible so that we can see the opportunity to create in everything!  I’ll post the finished work soon.

Moonrise over Turbulent Water

I started this one a long time ago, and decided that it needed to be left alone for awhile.  I find that letting certain paintings marinate allows them to eventually arrive at their final destination with out any stress or creative ‘blocks’ on my end.   Each act of creativity is something that begins within, and needs to manifest in whatever way it so chooses.  Sometimes that means the artist has to leave it alone for awhile until it’s ready to arrive.  I sat down with this one just a few days ago and out came the moon and the wicked seas.

Sunset Canyons

I guess this time around I was in the mood for something a little surreal.  I’ve always been fascinated by the way the position of the sun changes the colors of our environment.  I remember (vaguely, for it’s been awhile) learning about this in high school physics class….something about the way the light is refracted as it passes through our atmosphere….  Regardless, I wanted to represent that in this painting, and couple it with the emotion that certain colors evoke.  I hope you enjoy.

Thunderheads over Boulder

Oh my love affair with Colorado…  Boulder, specifically.  I lived the most free and eye-opening part of my life in Boulder while I attended the University of Colorado.  I miss it terribly sometimes, but at this point in my life, for a number of reasons I think that vacations there will have to suffice.  This painting is an homage to the beautiful Flatirons that I was fortunate to wake up to every morning for five years.