Nude in a Dream

First of all, I just have to tell you how excited I am about this particular painting.  It was one of those that just flowed out of me with very little fuss.  As soon as I had set the background up, with a wash of acrylic and water, I immediately knew how my nude would need to be incorporated.  I had decided several weeks ago that I wanted to take a stab at painting a nude (out of my head…no model for this one).  I have always thought that the female form is one of beauty – our natural curves have such an amazing flow – and I have many sketches that I have done of nudes so I felt it necessary to get one on canvas.  In any case, this one just worked out so nicely… I hope you enjoy!


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2 responses to “Nude in a Dream

  • asmalltowndad

    Very beautiful Hilary,
    The human body is an absolute marvel of grace and mechanics. Although would not fall into that category, there’s nothing more beautiful, especially the female form. I really like the colors and the running of the shadows, background and the beautiful form.

  • lesliepaints

    I actually missed this, Hilary. I love the colors you chose and the way you turned bright color into something that read restful.

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