Drawing Inspiration from Unexpected Places

So the other day I had set up my easel outside on my back deck in the scorching Georgia sunshine (which I think I’m actually getting used to) and had begun working on a small canvas that I had previously painted with a tangerine backdrop.  The tone was simply not doing it for me so I set out to change it to a new color scheme, to see what would happen.  One of my three munchkins pulled me away from it while the paint was still wet, and, upon my return, I found a few little finger marks left from where one of the other little buggers had decided to make some art of their own.  I knew it was my almost 3 year old son.

He’s  a stinker about stuff like that…  So I huffed a bit and let it sit over the weekend.  When I came back to it yesterday, I realized that his little finger mark had brought a whole new life to it and I could immediately envision where I wanted to take it.  This ties back into my previous post about letting things sit for awhile to see what they decide to become.  But I think it’s also important to look for inspiration in unexpected places, or perhaps, to remain open and present as much as possible so that we can see the opportunity to create in everything!  I’ll post the finished work soon.


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