A Walk in the Park – Acrylic on Canvas

I have to laugh at myself as I write this post.  Just the other day I was contemplating in which direction I should take this painting – follow my original plan or let the painting evolve into what it wanted to be.  And, true to character, I compromised.  I let it be what it wanted to be but infused some of my original ideas.  I just love the spring here in Georgia and while I reside in Atlanta, I have a passion for the beauty and sense of mystery that I associate with coastal Georgia.


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3 responses to “A Walk in the Park – Acrylic on Canvas

  • asmalltowndad

    So, you’re a Georgia peach artist, Huh!
    This is a beautiful painting, and in a style that I just cannot seem to do. I struggle with the impressionist style, I always get caught up in detail and trying to make it realistic, but I would love to do what you can do with a brush. Beautiful job!

  • hilaryharwell

    Thank you for your kind words! I love the freedom that impressionism allows. And unfortunately I’m not a GA native, but a Connecticut Yankee who some how found her way down to the Peach State. I really admire your artwork – do you have any recommendations for watercolor supplies? I’m inspired to give it a try. =)

  • asmalltowndad

    I’m a Indiana Yankee, but I love the south and the ocean…. Hmm so why am I still in Indiana?
    I’ll be honest with you, I’ve only been using watercolors for 2-3 years, before that was all acrylics, so I’m still learning the headaches of watercolor. I use a middle of the road brand watercolor, 140 lb Coldpressed paper (usually, sometimes hotpressed), and middle of the road in price brushes and thats it. I started doing watercolors on my lunch break for fun and most of my paintings including the mermaid was done during that time (it keeps me from eating to much). Just remember using watercolors are so different from acrylics, so don’t fight trying to use them the same… That drove me crazy! Contact me at my email and I help all that I can. But you do beautiful work now, not sure I’ll be able to help much!

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