Latest Work in Progress

I’ve been focusing the majority of my time and effort this past week to my silversmithing endeavors in an attempt to build my inventory so that I can reach out to local boutiques here in the Atlanta area in the coming weeks.  The canvas kept quietly calling me back, of course, and so I finally caved last night and started in on a new painting.

I find it interesting when I create that despite having something in mind when I start out, I become inspired to take each work in a new direction when something new speaks to me.  As I paused last night to consider the potentional directions this painting could take, I began to wonder if it’s better to stick with the plan, so to speak, or to let things evolve as you go.  It feels restrictive to stick to a plan, but it could be potentially rewarding when the finished product becomes what you initially envisioned.  I haven’t arrived at my own conclusion yet, and I’ll keep you updated on how this one turns out.

If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


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